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Crazy variety in here. Go visit the awesome artists you find! NAO.


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I'm a total weirdo.

I'm 25. Taken. Pansexual Panromantic. Pagan. She/ They pronouns, please.

That's really all there is to it. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Give a llama, get a llama. Live and let live.

So yeah. Have at, my lovelies.



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I wanted to get the ghosty/ weird shit written down. Ignore if you want. 

:bulletblue: George
   - strange things happening is pretty common in my house. my mom has had things happen to her since she was a little girl, and no one ever got hurt by them. It would be stuff like the remote vanishing and reappearing ice cold in the exact same place, light touches on the arm or leg, that kind of thing. She always attributed them to "George" and now I do as well. At least the stuff I can't pin on any other cause, that is. We don't know who George is, or if his name IS George, or if the spirit is even a male, or even human, for that matter. George doesn't interact with us in any way except to move things or touch us, like he's just being mischievous and playful. We've never had a problem with George and we can usually tell if it's him or another entity.

:bulletblue: house in Spottsylvania
- thing that ran into my room: I was in my parents' bedroom while my mom was in the shower, spinning in front of her full-body mirror, which was directly in front of the bedroom door, but on the opposite side of the room. I remember turning once and seeing this white thing come speeding down the hall, dashing in front of the open bedroom door, and vanishing into my room, which was the very last door at the end of the hallway (if you stood in my doorway you could see straight through the house to the kitchen, with the living room and dining room on either side of it at the opposite end). So whatever it was had nowhere else to go once it was in my room because I watched the hallway constantly until my mom got out of the shower. I made her go in and investigate because I refused to enter the room until she reassured me there was nothing there. I even made her check the windows and the closet to make sure.
- footsteps down the hall: as I said in the story about the white thing in the hallway, my bedroom at the time was the very last door in the hall. You had to pass every other room- main bathroom, guest room, linen closet, and parents' room- before you got to my door, which meant I had a clear view of anyone coming down that hallway if I was in bed (since my mom had a rule about keeping my door open at night since I was so young). 3 or 4 nights a week, at random, I would hear footsteps coming down the hall toward my door. Heavy, deliberate footsteps. Not marching, exactly, but steady and rhythmic. It was always at night, long after I was supposed to be asleep. I would have seen if my dad had come down the hall to go to the bathroom from the living room or if my mom had left their bedroom, and neither of them ever left their usual places when this happened. There was never anyone there. The hallway was always empty, but I could clearly hear the footsteps coming toward me. They always stopped just before they got to my door, though.
- actual apparitions: I would just randomly see figures walking or standing around the house or the yard. none of them ever spoke to me or anything, and I never felt unsafe with them around. I think they were just soldiers who were stuck.
- blood stained suitcase and random shoe in woods across the street: I lived in the middle of a civil war battlefield at the time (Chancellorsville was the closest landmark area) so there were a LOT of woods and lakes and hills, and our house was near the back of the neighborhood, almost 10 minutes of driving from the time you turned off the main road. we lived at the end of the street with one house perpendicular to us on the next street and one directly across from us (the driveways lined up perfectly) and next to the house across from us was a HUGE chunk of woods with no houses on it, like not even part of the property that was across from us, so essentially "public" domain for people in the neighborhood but nobody really went into it because yanno, their house was right there. and my friends and I were out playing one day- just running around, riding bikes, yelling, the usual kid stuff- when we decided to go into those woods for fun because we'd never done it before. we only got like... 2 feet into the woods from the road (and they weren't like thick woods, you could definitely see almost all the way through them to the next road over) and there's a suitcase just laying in the leaves. we're all thinking "OOOH TREASURE" because kids are stupid sometimes, and open the thing. it's completely empty, just stained with blood all over the lining. nothing else was in the area except a single high-heeled shoe (like a wedding type style) which was also stained with blood.

:bulletblue: shadow people
- aside from "George" (the mischievous invisible entity who's never scared us or hurt us) there's also the shadow people. There's quite a few of them- two or three adult sized ones and two smaller ones that vary in size from leprechaun to 10 year old kid. One of them is a mimic who's very, VERY good at imitating our voices and often plays tricks on us by calling our names using the voice of someone else in the house (usually me and my mom are the targets of this). Usually these shadow people are very quiet and and just sort of... hover??? in the corners or at the edge of your vision. They don't usually do anything except sometimes touch you on the shoulder or on the foot (they used to do it a lot at our old apartment when my mom sat in a different place than usual on the sofa). These entities and George have been with us throughout all the times we've moved and we're used to having them around now (they've been around since I was a baby and I'm 26 now).

:bulletblue: sleep paralysis
- when I was younger (around 21-22ish), I lived with my mom and three school friends in a house near the local airport. Me and one friend slept on the second floor, and my mom and the other two had bedrooms on the ground floor on opposite ends of the house. One night, probably around 2 or 3 am, my mom texts me and asks me to come to her room. I get down there, and Z (the friend who had the other upstairs bedroom) comes charging down after me. We find my mom sitting bolt upright on her bed, cradling our chihuahua and sobbing hysterically. F and M (the other two friends) come in a few minutes later, asking who screamed. Turns out it was my mom. She had been dreaming that she was in complete darkness, surrounded by things. She couldn't see them, just feel them gripping her body all over, really hard. She told us the only other thing she could feel was this intense desire to hurt her, like they wanted to kill her, almost. She couldn't move or speak, and she said she remembered saying "I'm going to scream" but she couldn't tell if she actually had or not. According to F and M, she did, but they thought it was a kid outside until they heard me and Z come barreling down the stairs. To this day, my mom swears those things were actually in the room with her until she managed to scream and get us down there. She still doesn't like talking about it and whenever it comes up, her face goes really pale.  

:bulletblue: the things with anteater faces
- this happened just a couple years back, when Z still lived in the apartment with us and before my friendship with him went down the drain. I was laying in bed, minding my own business, trying to sleep, and I rolled over to see these three figures standing near my bed. thinking back on it, I can't remember which order it happened in, but at one point they had faces like albino anteaters and then they changed to the faces of the people I loved most at the time (or maybe the other way around- as I said my memory is a little fuzzy concerning this incident). what I remember most clearly is being too scared to move from my bed because I was convinced they were there to kill me, or at the least, hurt me in some horrible way. eventually I managed to scramble past them (they were blocking my door) and bolt downstairs to collapse on the sofa with my mom and Z. after that I was in hysterics, sobbing and screaming about how these things wanted to kill me, how their faces had changed so horrifically, and how terrified I had been to move past them. Z and my mom headed upstairs and did something- I don't know what- but I was on edge for days afterward.

:bulletblue: the things in the living room
- same apartment as the anteater things, but this was just a few months ago. My girlfriend at the time (now fiancee) and two of our mutual friends were up visiting for a week or two. They'd only been here a few days, and one night they were upstairs for some reason while I was in the living room with my girlfriend when I was overcome with the sensation of being watched. this is kind of a normal, everyday thing for me since we have the shadow people and everything, but this time it was so much different. it was... so full of hate and anger and this almost palpable desire to hurt people. I couldn't see them, but I could feel them- at least four or five of them, all kind of hovering in the room behind me while I cowered in my girlfriend's arms because I was so terrified that these things were going to go after her, or our friends. luckily we were able to get rid of them that night, but it still scared the absolute crap out of me.

:bulletblue: the shadows at the apartment after daddy died
- after my dad died in 2007, my mom and I moved to a smaller apartment in the same complex. Z would come over a lot and spend two or three days with us at a time, and this happened to be the ONE night he was actually at home, so I was alone. I was laying in bed, in the dark, trying to sleep and failing. I rolled over and there was this... shadow thing hovering next to the bed and just watching me. I was petrified and just rolled back over, hid under my blanket, and kept whispering "go away, go away" until I finally felt it leave. I sat up to make sure I was alone, and it turns out the damn thing had just moved to the far corner and was still hovering there, watching me. it finally left after an hour or so, but I was scared the rest of the night.
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